iOS Developer: The Ultimate Strategies List

Nov 10, 2022

There are varied contemplations throughout the outlining process to design an app intended to endure the testing phase and come up with an amazing and unique experience for the users. Electing an app development team and enlisting an iOS developer is the first step.

Discovering and hiring a skilled iOS developer is a tedious job. Apple's native users invest heaps of money in order to acquire apps and premium features. Likewise, the app should be impeccable.

This blog discusses iOS developers and the skills vital to becoming an ios developer.

Who is an iOS developer?

An iOS developer is an associate with a thorough understanding of the iOS environment, including in-depth knowledge of how it functions on abundant Apple devices. iOS developers enhance, test, and refine applications in line with company or customer goals and standards. For iOS, a developer must master at least two programming languages: Objective-C or Swift, for creating iOS apps.

Technical skills an iOS developer needs:

Hiring an iOS developer depends on an array of factors, including the developer's level of expertise and relevant experience. Additionally, there are certain technical skills that every iOS engineer should possess, regardless of the field in which the candidate has formerly worked. These skills enable one to deal with complications and handle them effectively.

1. Expertise in Xcode: It is the developer’s first priority when they want to develop iOS apps. Thus, proficiency in XCode is desired as a primary goal for a dignified user interface. Therefore, it provides an opportunity to learn profiling and heap analysis for the developers.

2. Awareness of Auto Layout: The knowledge of coding is not solely required; furthermore, in-depth knowledge of Auto Layout, which allows the developers to define layouts for the user interface on iOS and macOS, is also required. Acquiring a difficult command over layout with wider customization with the purpose of constraining the creation of views that dynamically adjust to different size classes and positions is needed.

3. Knowledge of Table Views: Table views display rows of vertically scrolling content in a single column that displays a single piece of information related to the app. Therefore, an iOS app developer must have a clear concept of the table view.

4. Accomplished in databases: Creating interactive software is crucial, but databases are just as important. The database can access all the data required for users to have an immersive experience in the app; hence, brushing up on database skills is a must. Some of the chart-topping databases that are used in iOS development are Realm, SQLite, and Core Data.

5. Mastery of the Swift programming language: Swift is an open-source and robust programming language used in iOS app development. The modern Swift APIs made developers' lives easy with their Swifty objects.

6. Spatial Reasoning Ability: All the apps are built with regard to the user’s perspective, as this is the central principle for app development. Being a developer, one’s ultimate responsibility is to design a commercial and productive app through brainstorming.

7. Knowledge of Design Guidelines: The iOS app will advertise itself to users entirely when it is highly intuitive. A highly competent person must know how to prevent users from making mistakes by suggesting a course of action. So, proper knowledge of the design guidelines is a must for all inherent iOS applications.

8. Proficiency in Grand Central Dispatch: GCD, or Grand Central Dispatch, provides systemic, comprehensive improvement for concurrent code execution without any blockage, as iOS applications perform multiple tasks at the same time, which might lead to the freezing of the phone’s screen. Concurrent programming queues up tasks that can run in parallel depending on resource availability.

9. Proactive experience with the data assets and third-party APIs: Data is the preeminent entity while evaluating experienced iOS developer expertise. Data integration provides an easy and robust way to automatically send branch data to other analytical services. The iOS developers should not rely on third-party apps that make the task easier for app development and should have healthy experience working with different data integration systems.

10. Knowledge of Concurrency and Source Control: Concurrency is the notion of multiple tasks occurring at the same time in a well-curated iOS application. Lack of concurrency causes apps to freeze while performing heavy tasks. Source control is an integral component of application development. Source code refers to tracking and managing changes to the code. A good hands-on experience with source control helps the developers collaborate with the team and unify the development phase.

11. Experience in Memory Management: Memory management on iPhone and iPad devices was initially non-ARC, where one had to retain and release objects. Now it supports ARC, and an iOS app developer must have appropriate knowledge for successfully managing and allocating memory space blocks so that OS has the memory to carry out their operations.

Soft skills an iOS developer needs:

1. Great communication skills: Being good at verbal and written communication is important for a good iOS developer to work effectively in a team. Communication skills will come in handy when communicating with colleagues and management, sharing experience and knowledge, etc.

2. Problem-solving ability: A great iOS developer is able to scope out the situation, recognize the necessity of changes, and come up with an appropriate solution. The right mindset and ability to find creative, out-of-the-box solutions are greatly appreciated.

3. Team player attitude: Any developer should be able to put themselves in a colleague’s shoes; it will make it easier to exchange ideas.

4. Ability to innovate: This includes the ability to visualize something in the mind. Developers must understand how users interact with services and what they need. One has to use innovative skills as an iOS developer to come up with the best application that is user-friendly.

5. Discipline and dedication: These include time management and prioritization skills. When several projects are running, an iOS developer must manage them to meet the deadlines and understand how they can affect allocated resources.

6. Clear Thinking Ability: Every iOS developer should have a rational and critical thinking approach because developing apps is a lengthy process that involves numerous steps. Developers must be able to recognize, analyze, and find solutions to all the questions.

In essence,

Recruiting handy experienced iOS developers are rare gems, but they can be identified if one knows what to look for. It is important to have a basic idea of the technical know-how of iOS to find the right talent. As the iOS environment keeps changing with time, an iOS app developer should keep himself up to date. UI Kit and Foundations are two useful libraries that a developer must be aware of. So, while hiring an iOS app developer, make sure that they have enough skills to use these libraries and frameworks effectively to build and set up the required software.

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