Release Notes 5th July 2023, Talrn version 1.9.1 - Sushi Fusion.

Talrn - Release Notes July 2023

News Jul 4, 2023

Release Notes 5th July 2023, Talrn version 1.9.1 - Sushi Fusion

We are shipping so fast that our documentation gets outdated within weeks!

Verified Users
Custom URLs for Verified Users

Creating custom URLs for your Talrn iOS profile simple yet powerful way to get more traffic for your profile.

Profile review
a) Review your complete profile as it would appear on Talrn prior to submitting.
b) Profile now have public & private view, which keeps your private info hidden.

Upload profile

a) Crop your profile pictures the way you want to appear!
b) Quicky navigate between different sections on your profile upload.

Talrn Jobs

Company logo are now featured in job posts  

Minor fixes & improvement
- Employment date validation, prevent future dates
- Schooling options for education

The road ahead

We are now focusing our efforts on building a better Vendor experience, with Talrn now fairly stable you can expect more exciting features in our upcoming release.

Major updates to look forward to would be the following

1. Talrn Leaderboard
Top tier iOS devs will get to flex their skills and standout from the crowd

2. Talrn Jobs
We are now working on custom recommended jobs that will be show up right on your dashboard relevant to your skills with one click apply!

Please write to us at for any comments & or questions you may have for all things Talrn.


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