Find and Hire an iOS Developer: The Ultimate Ways List

Nov 10, 2022

One of the most challenging tasks for businesses, whether they are start-ups, smaller and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), or even major corporations, is hiring iPhone application developers. Regardless of the fact that Android is the most extensively used mobile operating system, statistics show that iOS users spend more on in-app purchases, premium app features, etc. Additionally, due to its security features, iOS is the market leader in a number of nations and is regarded as reliable by its users. Every year, there is an increasing need for mobile application developers. Developing for iOS is not an exception. Finding and hiring the ideal candidate to join a team or project can be very challenging at times.

This blog will assist you in finding the leading ways to appoint an iOS developer.

What sort of programmers are required for iOS development?

Several important responsibilities are involved in the iOS development effort. It should go without saying that one will require iOS developers to contribute to more than one of these jobs. Therefore, you require developers with extensive experience in these activities.

One requires iOS developers with the following distinct skill levels:

· Beginning with novices, this level progresses up to about two years of experience. At this level, developers are always supervised by more experienced co-workers.

· iOS developers with two to five years of experience are considered to be at the mid-level. They have experience working on a variety of projects and are able to operate independently.

· Senior iOS developers have more than five years of expertise and have contributed to a number of high-level, difficult projects. They are qualified and experienced to mentor their inexperienced co-workers. They contribute significantly to a variety of tasks, including architectural choice-making and code reviews, among others.

Skills required for iOS developers

Given the likelihood that the needs would differ from company to firm, it is pointless to list the needed skills of developers according to their level of seniority. Let's focus on the fundamental abilities that any iOS developer needs to have.

The candidate must therefore have familiarity with:

· Swift versus Objective-C on Xcode

· APIs for UIKit and Cocoa Touch

· REST-based APIs

· UI/UX design guidelines

· Versioning tools for Metal Code or OpenGL (e.g., Git)

· Data Framework for Core

What employment opportunities are available?

There are three, and each one should be known:

• Bring on a developer full-time to the team.

• Engage a freelancer to finish a specific range of work.  Save time by hiring a developer who is outsourced.

The correct inquiry is: What goals does the business pursue now that it has chosen to work with a developer?

Opportunities and obstacles of hiring a freelance iOS developer:


· A tremendous pool of talent. Simply conduct an interview with a candidate, one finds on each of the freelance marketplaces.

· Since one can identify an expert from anywhere in the world who would charge less than their peers, it's frequently considerably less expensive than hiring a person on the payroll.

· No work, no costs. If there is no work to allocate to freelancers, one is not required to pay them an hourly fee.

· There are no issues with extra office space, equipment, software, paid sick days, or open positions.


· A freelance iOS developer could give up on a project because they get bored or decide to take a quick vacation, therefore nothing can be guaranteed.

· Deadlines are frequently missed by freelance developers.

· Cultural and linguistic barriers may arise if one hires a specialist from another country.

· One cannot guarantee that the independent contractor will just work on the project which is assigned to them and won't switch between many jobs.

Opportunities and obstacles of hiring a full-time iOS developer:


· The ideal alternative for well-organized teamwork and quick problem-solving is hiring full-time iOS engineers.

· No time zone differences cause communication breakdowns and meeting delays.

· A single product is all that developers work on, thus they are more productive.


· Because full-time employees are paid regardless of whether they have any duties to complete, they are covered by the payroll.

· The business covers the costs of the hardware, software, sick days, open positions, etc.

Opportunities and obstacles of hiring outsourced developers:


· One will receive a list of qualified candidates because software outsourcing businesses spend a lot of time on personnel recruitment.

· The corporation doesn't pay for vacations, sick days, or other relevant things, just like with independent contractors.

· A team of developers hired from the same vendor will either completely or partially solve the communication problem.

· Depending on the nation, relatively reasonable hourly rates.


· There can be a time zone difference.

· Challenges with communication and culture.

What to take into account while choosing a candidate?

Let's examine some fundamental ideas directly related to finding a qualified candidate.

1. Observe the knowledge

It is preferable to focus more on skill than experience while seeking an iOS developer who would create a new product or join the team.

Exactly why does this matter? It's probably beneficial to think about other candidates before making a final selection if the company is in the field of real estate and the applicant has 10+ years of expertise in the healthcare industry.

2. Portfolio

Find out whether the applicant has a portfolio you may view. The list of apps that iOS developers worked on and eventually published on the App Store may serve as their portfolio.

3. Communication

If it is determined to work with a freelancer or an external iOS development team, one should discuss well about the tools that will be utilized for task management and communication.

4. Attempt live coding

To reach a final choice, it may occasionally be essential to observe a candidate's response to programming problems in action.

How much does hiring an iOS app developer cost?

The following factors affect an iOS app developer's typical pay rate:

· Degree of expertise,

· Years of experience, and

· The area in which you are hiring

Surprisingly, the most important aspect is location. For instance, a mid-level iOS developer in Canada makes an average pay of $95,000. How much iOS developers will be paid might be greatly influenced by their level of experience. Even though a particular skill set is in demand, one could have to pay their developers extra if they're looking for it. The expertise of a developer may also affect their compensation. A writer of e-Commerce apps with years of experience might have higher expectations than a typical developer. Engineers who are experts in developing apps that manage secure banking transactions will likely demand considerably more money.



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